About Tuirenn Hurstfield

My career does not sit comfortably in one niche or another – suffice it to say that I enjoy immersing myself in the creative work of theatre, and I have built up a CV that reflects the diversity of my work. From being involved in making theatre, to teaching others how to be theatre makers themselves, my passions and skills seek new opportunities at all times in theatre.

I love theatre (almost as much as I love my coffee), I love teaching about it and I love inspiring others (whether as performers, as colleagues, as students or as audiences). I love being a part of this unique arm of the arts and creative industries. I also have, at many points in my career, considered giving it all up to live what could be “an easier life”. But that fire, that passion for all things theatrical, burns and I just can’t keep away!

My site and blog provides some basic information about my work, and I invite you to look around. It is not intended for any particular audience and is purposefully open. All points of view are welcome (as long as they are polite) and no single opinion is considered gospel. This is a sharing collaborative experience, and I hope any readers can feel they can comment on my posts. It is to be available for everyone – regardless of age, experience, location/country etc. It is for everyone to come together and be part of the theatre community.

The mission of my site is simple: to be an open and safe environment for all people interested in theatre and the performing arts. A place to get involved and contribute whether by being a reader or an active participant in the discussions themselves. I welcome you all now!

Feel free to contact me by using the Contact Me page on this site, or by using one of my social media connections on every page of this site.

Oh… And if you are interested in working with me then please take a look at my work below, and feel free to drop me a message.

Find Out More About My Work…

Below you will find heaps of information about me as Theatre Director & Producer, Playwright, Performer and as a Performing Arts Tutor.

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Work With Me

There are a number of skills and services I can offer on a freelance basis. I am always interested in hearing potential project ideas and would love to discuss any proposals or collaborations you have in mind.

Services I Can Offer:

  • Directing Productions
  • Writing New Play, Musical or Screenplay Commissions
  • Dramaturgy
  • Curriculum Design (Performing Arts)
  • Private Tuition/Coaching (one-on-one)

  • Mentor Support
  • Speeches
  • Lectures and Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Consultancy
  • Social Media Support

Contact Me to Discuss

Please note: I cannot offer services free of charge.