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The Question to Eureka Moment

I’ve had an idea! Now, I know that can be a dangerous thing to have, but hear me out…

One of my biggest tasks DAILY is answering students and adult learners who each have a plethora of questions regarding Acting, Theatre, Drama, Plays, Writing Plays, Directing Plays, Producing Plays, Breaking into the Performing Arts Industry etc etc. The list can be endless.

I’m actually extremely good at answering these questions too. Which is why they keep coming back to me. Repeatedly. The thing is, frequently these questions are a different variation on one posed by somebody else a little while ago. I jus repeat myself but to a different person.

So, I have just had the burning idea that, maybe every Monday I can answer a question posed by one of you on my site. And every Friday, I can answer a question posed by one of my students on my site. This way I can keep answering questions that are useful for everyone. What do you think?!

Its kinda like having an instant tutorial without paying for it! And you get the chance to be cited in my response (on that, I will publish a name to respond to – so please choose a name that works for you when asking the question…)

Get asking then!

I cannot guarantee I will be able to answer everyone’s questions, but I will try to get through everyone who asks (unless it has already had a response!)

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