Help Me Cry on Cue

One of my recent students could summon tears to her eyes instantly and very effectively. She seemed to do it with no particular effort. It was pretty amazing to see, and she was demonstrating a rather impressive party trick. But is this necessary?

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Not Getting On With Your Director?

Handling a theatre director you are working with can often be a tricky business. Fortunately, today, many directors are less "old school" in their technique of working with actors - but ultimately they have a job to do, and they will do it by whatever means will make the finished production work.

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How to Combat Stage Fright

It's interesting just how many actors and performers I hear who want to talk to me about how to get rid of stage fright. You know, that nervous-"Oh God, I'm going to be sick"-pit-of-the-stomach-twisting anxiety that suddenly takes grip just before going on stage?

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