The Inaugural Post…

There comes a time in every blog’s life when it must take the plunge and begin… This is our beginning.

It’s an awkward moment, the writing of a first post on a new blog site. “What should I write as my first blog post?” bounces round my head, and as I currently don’t have any readers (as I’ve only just started), it always feels a little bit redundant writing the first piece.

…And We’re Off!

After all, what do you write to an audience that has not yet begun realising it is an audience? What, if anything, can someone say in the first post that hasn’t been said before? From my understanding (having looked at many blogger’s first posts) the first post is inevitably a bit of a mish-mash: a testing post – does the post look good on the fantastically designed theme for the reader mixed up with “Listen To Me! I Have A Voice!”

I don’t think it is entirely possible to write a first post of any particular noteworthiness. It’s always going to be a little too raw, a little too muddled. What is most important though is that we have gotten off the starting block. We’ve crossed the start line and we’re now in the race. What comes next is where the true value of the performance lies. It can all change from here.

So basically, what I’m saying is, don’t judge this first post. It is just that: a first post. An opportunity to say that this blog site is now launched! can now begin to live, and from hereon in all posts will be better sculpted, fashioned to fit the topics of theatre and performing arts. But, I had to start somewhere, and start somewhere I did. And now it’s actually here.

I hope you enjoy the ensuing race!

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