Times are changing & I'm excited!
I'm settling back to my old roots in career & motivation

After some significant time outside of the sturm und drang of my creative work, I am back. It is time now to reignite those fires and return to the world of theatre and storytelling once more. As of this year I join the fast-paced freelance world as a writer, celebrant, teller of stories (theatrical and biographical) and maker of theatre…

Getting Creative Again -
My Work in Theatre

Discover my work in theatre and performing arts as a theatre director, producer, playwright and acting coach. I love getting creative and bringing high quality theatrical work to life. From directing and bringing a unique vision, to producing and supporting others in developing high standards of production making, see what I do…

You Might Have Noticed Something Odd

All of Tuirenn Hurstfield in One Place

Several people have asked if it is wise me putting all of my career portfolio in one place online. For a long time I debated with myself and others on this:

“Will it not be distracting having two very different career elements acknowledged on one site, as well as my personal blog?”

Well, I decided to merge all of me into one site, because my main modus operandi is that I intend on being 100% authentic and truthful about who I am and what I do. It would be even more confusing to have three different sites out there causing people to stumble and be unsure of who I am.

This is me.

I am an avid coffee and tea drinker. I am dad to the most wonderful Romanian rescue dog: Frodo. I am also a lover of nature, of books & real music (folk, classical and scores).

My work follows two particular strands:
1) I am a Theatre Professional working as a Theatre Director, Producer, Writer and Acting Coach.  

2) I am a Civil Celebrant telling life stories and celebrating some of life’s most important moments and memories for others 

All in all, and like all aspects of life, there are multiple parts of me. This site lets you explore who I am and what I do – in all its raw and beautiful glory.

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Theatre & Directing


Theatre director with over ten years experience in making theatre professionally and in educational institutes

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Me & My Story


I am a writer and teller of stories through ceremony, celebration and theatre-making. But I also have my own story to tell too…

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Civil Celebrancy


For Life's Milestones

Qualified Civil Celebrant writing, designing and delivering unique and bespoke ceremonies specifically for you and your need

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Theatre Productions Directed
Theatre Productions
Plays / Scripts
Students Taught in My Classes
Actors Coached
Finding Truth
In Telling Stories

Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people’s souls

–  Melody Beattie  –

Information & Services

Find out more about me, my services in theatre, presentations, civil celebrancy and more…

Honesty & Integrity

Delving into my own understanding of Truth and mindfulness, I will be 100% authentic and honest in my own exposure – honestly exploring my world and career through my journal and thoughts…

Advice & Guidance

Through my articles exploring life’s journey and celebrating life milestones through to theatre related items providing tips and investigation into theatrical forms and acting techniques…

So, what's this site all about?

Dive into my world, my career and my point of view

My little corner of the internet is a platform providing information on the unique services that bridge my interests and calling.

I am a creative individual, first and foremost. A human being who is excited by hearing and reflecting on the stories of others. Telling  and/or re-telling those stories excites me just the same. To me Civil Celebrancy and my career in theatre go specially hand-in-hand. They seem on the surface to be entirely independent of each other – but the reality is that they both are all about telling stories. Finding the truth of people and humanity and exploring them, articulating them, shaping them and finding a pathway into the special lives of others (real-life and fictional).

My platform here will enable me to connect with others, that you might engage with the stories of others I might tell, and also that I can examine myself.

I have found my own journey through the world to have been extraordinary and bewildering, heartbreaking and painful, joyous and fantastical. I have seen darkness and I have found myself lost in the complexity of the world. My journal will be a personal rediscovery and adventure: I will be sharing myself openly and honestly. Here will be the dragons. Here I will be truthful in myself and I hope you might hold my hand in the exploration and share my own journey with me while I share others’ journeys to remember them by. Please be gentle, and I will offer my truth soulfully.

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