Always double check the time of your audition as well as the location and make sure in advance that you know how to get to the destination. Getting lost on the way to the audition is one of the number one reasons people give for being late for their audition for a part.

Arrive at least 15 minutes early. That way you have some extra review time.

As soon as you get your sides, read them one time before you start working on scene. Get a complete overview in your head.

Remember to expect what isn’t expected so if you’re asked to work with someone talking off the set or on a phone you’re not surprised or unsettled by that

If you can’t memorise it all, make sure that you’ve got the first and the last paragraph. You want their impression to be of you viewing them, not the script as you offer the last part of your audition.

React naturally and play to your partner in reading so that you make them look good as well as yourself.

Do NOT rush through the performance. It feels to them like you’re nervous and cant want to get through it. Even if thats true, don’t let them know it. Slow down and speak at the right tempo for the part.

No matter how nervous you are or how much this audition means to you, smile, relax and be a professional. Every audition is a new opportunity to learn and to grow in the business. Treat it in that fashion and you will take the rejections, and the acceptances in your stride.

Stay calm, stay cool and stay focused on what you’re doing and on delivering the best small performance that you can. If you don’t get the part, you don’t get the part. There is always a next time for you if you put on a good show and remain professional no matter what.

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