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from theatre maker to civil celebrant

Making Theatre

Working in theatre as a professional director, playwright and actor for nearly two decades. Reconnecting with creativity and now building on this passion on a permanent basis.

Key Note Speaker

From key note addresses to public speaking at corporate events, I can provide a quality service in delivering your message to the people you want to reach…

Civil Celebrancy

As a qualified Civil Celebrant, I lead ceremonies and tell the stories of people in the way that matters to you. A service bespoke to your needs and wishes.


A playwright since the mid-2000s with a number of plays publicly performed, I have provided commissioned pieces for producing theatres, and educational institutes too.

A Real Human

Just a regular real human being, on a journey of self-discovery in this strangely beautiful complex world. A lover of books, music, nature & coffee – oh for the love of coffee!


Finding my own truth through writing both on and offline – writing articles on my interests and a personal blog where I explore myself, my own spirituality and my identity.

Tuirenn's Story

Following a very difficult period, I am now concentrating on reconnecting with what matters to me: exploring mindfulness and seeking to contribute back to society with my work.

My career does not sit comfortably into any particular niche – I enjoy immersing myself in the creative work of theatre, while also listening to and telling other people’s stories. My CV and training reflect the diversity of my work. I am proud that my work-life affords me the time to absorb the stories around us and channel them into something special for specific audiences.


Theatre Making90%
Civil Celebrancy50%
Appreciating Life100%
Get to know the basics...

The Quickfire Round


Tell us a bit...

I’m Tuirenn. It’s a very old Irish name that rhymes with Kieran. If you struggle to get your tongue around it, I am happy to answer to “T”!  I’m a theatre professional  and civil celebrant living in Macclesfield, Cheshire with my beautiful Romanian rescue dog: Frodo.

My Trademark Appearance

I'm rarely seen without...

My beard. Honestly, if I don’t sport a bit of facial hair I look twelve years old. Or at least young enough to still get ID’d at a supermarket. It’s not a blessing! Oh and I’m usually wearing a scarf. I love my scarves!

Best Day of My Life...

To date, that is...

Running with my mum’s bearded collie, HollyBerry, last year up on the Staffordshire Moors. The wind was rushing over me and into my lungs, while the sun fired my spirit. I felt the cleanest of soul and clearest of mind than I have in several years. I woke back up to the world and the possibilities that I could take back my life. I was present!

Worst 10 Mins of My Life

Since you asked...

Ahem… performing a truly awful dance and song routine to “I’m A Survivor” by Destiny’s Child in a production for kids. I was bouncing across the stage (as choreographed I might add), and suddenly realised my fly was open and had been since the top of the show. Thankfully the underwear held up! MORT-EEE-FIED!

Secret Freak-Talent

It's kinda cool...

I have hyper-mobility in my joints (double-jointed). I can flex in awesome ways!

My Biggest Obsession

Would have to be...

Chasing after the next bolt of inspiration for telling and creating stories. Scary, but exciting. Always.

Unexpected Gift

I'm thankful for...

The lessons these last few years have given to me. I have become so much more aware of who I really am now. And finding my own truth. Such a revelation! It hurt like hell at the time, but it’s opened doors up to my own spiritual needs and I’m now finding my path in the forest…

You'd Never Believe

But it's true that...

I have never ever wanted to live and work in London – crazy given my theatrical desires. I ended up having to for a few years, and I literally had to force myself daily. I like the bustle to visit, but I don’t get on with concrete and light pollution. Give me green fields, trees, open skies and a babbling brook any day!


I admit that...

I am a huge fan of fantasy literature and I turn into a child when certain films (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pixar/Disney etc) are released. I love my Ravenclaw scarf, my personal What-Not muppet and my Jurassic Park t-shirt. Yup, I’m a child… And proud!

What Do I Want in life?

The six billion dollar question

Wow… I’m still working that one out. I have recognised I now know I want to find simplicity and security in my own mental and physical well-being. I want to experience life and breathe it all in. Loving to live, and not living to work.

Working in Theatre


My work in theatre started back in 1998, but professionally began in 2000. My training was primarily in theatre, and once I gained my BA (hons) in Theatre Acting I worked solidly for six years as a touring actor, director , playwright and then Artistic Director for the CragRats Undermill Theatre in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire for a period.

I love theatre (almost as much as I love my coffee), and I love being a part of this unique arm of the arts and creative industries. From being involved in making theatre, to teaching others how to be theatre makers themselves, my passions and skills seek new opportunities at all times in theatre. Working in a range of classical and contemporary theatre genres, my credits are far ranging in style and craft.


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Cheshire Based Civil Celebrant

I qualified as a Civil Funeral Celebrant in March 2017. Knowing I wanted to change my career trajectory away from mainstream education, I found a real “calling” towards telling other people’s stories (and not just theatrically). The world of celebrancy is a place where I can engage with real people and serve honourably in providing a service where I support them in their key milestones of life.

Right now, I am a Civil Funeral Celebrant, but I will be shortly expanding my celebrancy services to include the following:


Weddings/Couples Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Special Celebrations/Ceremonies

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A Potted History

2017 and beyond

Getting back to my roots

After spending some time away from the North West of England, I returned home to set up once more freelance in theatre and celebrancy having qualified as a Civil Celebrant in March 2017. It is my intention to still keep my feet in some areas of education too: coaching individual actors in audition preparation and more, as well as supporting curriculum development in drama and theatre as a consultant.




2013 to 2017

The City Lit years

Following on from previous career, I moved into adult education at City Lit in Covent Garden, London. Here I headed the department of Drama, Dance & Speech developing 500 full and part time courses for approximately 5000 adult learners. Part of my work here also entailed the development of a brand theatre space currently being used for 13+ productions annually, and multiple events.




2006 to 2013

The big move into education

Deciding it was time to stop living out of suitcases, and because life was moving into a time to settle down from theatre, I moved into post-compulsory (16+) education at Amersham & Wycombe College and Bucks New University as a lecturer of Acting and Theatre before subsequently taking over as Head of School of Performing Arts. Leading on the Higher Education programme and also lecturing the BA (hons) Musical Theatre programme. I still kept my hand in occasionally directing and writing new plays along the way.




2000 to 2006

The theatre years

Before even finishing my degree in Theatre Acting, I was already out performing , playwriting, directing and touring – working on the professional theatre circuit for companies such as CragRats, Mark Mark Productions, Point Blank Theatre among others. Always keener on theatre, I love the energetic exchange with a live audience. My work has taken me into Theatre in Education, Prison Theatre and small scale tours across the country. In 2004 I took on the role of Theatre Manager/Artistic Director for the CragRats Undermill Theatre in Holmfirth. Along the way, I also took on responsibilities with Victim Support West Yorkshire leading a national project in developing services for children and young people affected by crime.




1998 to 2002

The Bretton Hall years

Moving away from my hometown of Macclesfield, Cheshire, I began studying towards my degree at Bretton Hall College of the University of Leeds. This was a unique theatre arts study programme with full-time drama school training coupled with a BA (hons) conferred by Leeds University. Initially studying for two years on the Devised Theatre Acting programme, I moved to the Theatre Acting course from which I graduated with a First Class BA (hons) degree.




Up to 1998

The formative years

Having been an RAF brat, I had moved a lot in my younger years (including a stint living in Germany). As I headed into my teens we settled back in the family county of Cheshire where I schooled and developed an increasing interest in theatre and drama. Career choices needed to be made (and my choices were for theatre, general medical practice or marine biology. There’s a selection! However my involvement in local AmDram and both the Macclesfield and Cheshire Youth Theatres helped me decide that a career in the dark and creativity was the one for me.

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