Are You Getting Acting Jobs From Your Mail-Outs?

One expert says that many times, the cause of this will be the headshot they had done, but that the new to the industry actor doesn’t usually connect it with that.

Is It Your Headshot?

If your headshot is old, isn’t well done or needs an update, try to make some alterations to your mailing campaign first. The chances are that your headshot is the issue. However, there are several other reasons that you might not get back the results you intended, and expected from your mailings.

It doesn’t hurt to try a few new tactics and to see if they actually help you in getting some kind of a return on the investment of your time and money.

Here are a few hints to things you might try looking at that will help boost your response rate:

1. Don’t submit your photo and resume for things that aren’t right for you and you’re not right for them. If the role calls for a Spanish Donna and you’re a tall blonde, you’re wasting your time and money to submit for it, and more than that, you’re wasting your casting director’s time and some of them have long memories.

2. Do submit for those things you are right for. Don’t get lazy when your responses are down, and stop your submissions. You need to keep yourself out there in view.

3. Don’t seal the envelope of your photo and resume.
It’s not hard to bear this in mind and it’s a serious headache to casting directors who have to peel and unstick them. Tuck in the top and let it go at that. Not very often do the contents drop out and if he or she has a hard time opening it, quite often it hits the trash instead of the pile.

4. Make certain that whatever the hour of the day or night, your contact phone gets answered, even if it’s by a voice machine. If they can’t get you, you’re not going to get got. Don’t assume they will continue to repeat the calls. Unless you’re a combination of Liz Taylor and Keira Knightley, they won’t keep trying – sadly, you are just not important enough for them and they’ll move on to someone else.

5. If you are not getting at least a 5 percent (5%) return on your mailings to casting directors, get a new headshot. If you’ve sent out two hundred of them and only got 5 phone calls, chances are you need a new picture.