The Snow Queen

Rehearsal & Production Stills
ProductionThe Snow Queen
DateDecember 2014
CompanyCL Theatre Company
PlaywrightRon Nicol
DirectorTuirenn Hurstfield
PhotosNev Brewer - website
CL Theatre Company

The Snow Queen

Sun’s rays… How they shine… Long days of summer.

Long days… Fade to night… Cross one another

Into the winter’s night…

Even after 160 years, Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen is as fresh as… well, as fresh as newly fallen snow.  In our version, we aim to bring the story to life quite literally – our stage becomes the pop-up book where the characters move to a three dimensional world. A concept that meant everything would be made of paper and card and stylistically all action was conducted in a two-dimensional physicality (over-animated performances and limited naturalism).

A tale of good versus evil, spun around a road trip of magical people, talking animals and birds – and quite possibly the cleverest prince and princess any realm has ever seen, The Snow Queen takes us on a wonderful (if chilly) adventure to the Snow Queen’s palace. 

What power does innocence have over someone with no heart?

Can the shard of mirror be melted and bring back her friend?

Just how do we create a talking reindeer?!?

The Company worked incredibly hard, both on stage and off, to create something very special.