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Acting Is Not Talent Alone

There is no doubt that acting is a talent, and one that can be innate. But like any true calling, all hard graft requires constant honing. Declaring yourself as an actor is not enough...

What’s the Best Way to Get Into a Musical Theatre Career?

I regularly receive questions like this on Twitter and Facebook... Here I answer a question about breaking into Musical Theatre

Performing Arts – Working Classes Excluded?

When it comes to politics and economics, it is fair to say that the arts have been hit badly in more recent years. Performing arts training is high up there at the moment in the spiralling costs of higher education -

Help Me Cry on Cue

One of my recent students could summon tears to her eyes instantly and very effectively. She seemed to do it with no particular effort. It was pretty amazing to see, and she was demonstrating a rather impressive party trick. But is this necessary?

Not Getting On With Your Theatre Director?

Handling a theatre director you are working with can often be a tricky business. Fortunately, today, many directors are less "old school" in their technique of working with actors - but ultimately they have a job to do, and they will do it by whatever means will make the finished production work.

Don’t Know Where to Start Your Acting Journey?

Here I provide five powerful and (let's be honest) pretty-much-common-sense tips for potential future actors who are just about to begin their performing arts career journey...

How to Combat Stage Fright

It's interesting just how many actors and performers I hear who want to talk to me about how to get rid of stage fright. You know, that nervous-"Oh God, I'm going to be sick"-pit-of-the-stomach-twisting anxiety that suddenly takes grip just before going on stage?

Ten Top Ways to Become a Better Comic Actor

Comedy is one of the most difficult forms of acting. It takes a lot of skill to act funny in front of camera or on stage. There is a thin line between being funny and being cheesy. Good actors know about this and never cross the boundary.

Tips on Creating the Perfect Actors’ Show-Reel

A show-reel (sometimes referred to as a demo reel) is an excellent way to highlight your abilities to potential directors. If you can't make the viewer sit up and pay attention in that time, you're not going to get hired.

What to Wear for an Audition

One of the biggest things that those who are heading out to audition for the first few times aren't certain of, and have a lot of stress over, is what is the right thing to wear for your audition.

Some Pointers on Becoming an Actor

Do you know why you want to act? Are you aware of where you need to be? Find out more here...

How to Manage Your ‘Fear’ as a Performer

There are a lot of reasons why actors become fearful. The most common is the fear of failure.

Tips on How to Become a Better Actor

No matter where you are in your career, there is always room for improvement. In acting, it's all about the characters and being able to put your own characteristics away for that character. How do you go about doing that successfully every time?

Self-Confidence to Work in the Theatre

Would you describe yourself as confident? Many people working in theatre ironically suffer from confidence issues. Here I discuss how self-confidence can be boosted and re-defined to achieve a better approach to your work in theatre...