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Acting Is Not Talent Alone

There is no doubt that acting is a talent, and one that can be innate. But like any true calling, all hard graft requires constant honing. Declaring yourself as an actor is not enough...

Stage Name – Should I Change My Name?

Names are important. As a performer, our name usually serves as our first glimmer of hope that someone may consider picking us up for an audition or casting. Stage/Performance names can be immensely powerful.

Ten Things To Check Before Signing That Contract

So, you have worked hard, you’ve had a successful audition and finally landed yourself on a contract? Congratulations on getting there! However, before you sign on the dotted line, you have got some work to do.

What NOT to do with a Headshot

Every actor knows that you have to do some level of self promotion to become an actor. One of the best methods of promoting yourself as an actor will be with your head shot.

Start Finding an Agent

If you've decided that acting is what you want to do, and you really want to make a living at it, and not have to take in other kinds of work as well, it's quite likely that you are going to need an acting agent to represent you and assist you in finding work.

Tips on Creating the Perfect Actors’ Show-Reel

A show-reel (sometimes referred to as a demo reel) is an excellent way to highlight your abilities to potential directors. If you can't make the viewer sit up and pay attention in that time, you're not going to get hired.

Your First Acting Audition – What To Do

Congratulations! You've landed yourself your first audition. This is huge! It's a major 'first step' achievement... Now what?

Are You Getting Acting Jobs From Your Mail-Outs?

Very often an actor or actress will send out their mailings to casting agents or talent agents and hear nothing back. This is a waste of your time, and in fact a waste of your money, and when you're beginning in acting, who has money to waste?

The Vital Importance Of The Headshot

The Headshot, The 10by8, The 10x8 - however you want to title it, here I discuss why the Headshot is the most important tool in a performer's toolkit

Do You Want To Be Famous? Or Do You Want To Work In Theatre?

Do you desire fame - and all the perceived glories that come with it? Or would you prefer to keep getting work and live a long life in the theatre as a professional and skilled crafts-person?

Just Starting Out? Common Mistakes Young Actors Make

Avoid the pitfalls many new performers make when they start out in the performing arts industries. Follow these simple tips on what to work on...

Dealing With Audition Rejection

One of the hardest, and most gut-wrenching, elements of being an actor is facing audition rejection. "What went wrong?" and "Why did I fail?" race through our minds. All too often we beat ourselves up over not picking up the role we worked so hard for...

The Big Question: How To Become An Actor

When you make the decision to take the plunge into the world of acting and theatre, it can seem incredibly daunting. Where to begin? How to start? -- Here I try to get your foot on the first rung of the ladder