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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Has J.K Rowling Done it Again?

A whole new breed of readers is born, and once again at the magic touch of J.K Rowling...

Stage Name – Should I Change My Name?

Names are important. As a performer, our name usually serves as our first glimmer of hope that someone may consider picking us up for an audition or casting. Stage/Performance names can be immensely powerful.

AmDram Societies – Competition for Professional Industry?

Amateur dramatics form a vital and vibrant arm of the performing arts industries providing evenings of entertainment, hard-hitting drama and resurrections of long-since-forgotten plays up and down the country – theatre by the community for their community.

Help Me Cry on Cue

One of my recent students could summon tears to her eyes instantly and very effectively. She seemed to do it with no particular effort. It was pretty amazing to see, and she was demonstrating a rather impressive party trick. But is this necessary?

Censorship & Postmodern Theatre

Postmodern performances do not propose ways of intervening these realities, but simply illustrate their existence and raise awareness. The more challenging and risqué the subject matters become, the more susceptible the performance is to censorship.

DV8 & Taboo Relationships – A Postmodern Perspective

Like the postmodern works of Bausch, Wilson, Brecht and Artaud, DV8 strive to create a medium that, while being radical, is accessible to wide audience.

Pina Bausch & Her Postmodernist Theatre of Experience

Following from Robert Wilson’s postmodern Theatre of Visuals, we can now explore further artists and companies who demonstrate highly postmodern styles.

Robert Wilson’s Theatre of Visuals (postmodernism in practice)

Now that we have investigated some of the basic principles in Postmodern Theatre through how deconstruction can provide opportunities for opening interpretation we can start to explore some postmodern theatre that can be described as postmodern in practice.

Deconstruction, Semiotics and the Theatre

Continuing from our consideration into how Brecht and Artaud actively moved against Aristotelian Theatre, we focus now on how deconstruction is used to establish new forms of theatrical language.

Theatres of Revolution – Brecht & Artaud

Continuing our articles exploring Postmodern Theatre and Performance, and how it opposes the aesthetic, I begin with a quote from Bertolt Brecht: “I don’t think the traditional form of theatre means anything any longer…”

Postmodern Performance – Opposing The Aesthetic (An Introduction)

This is the first of a series of articles discussing Postmodern Theatre practices

Flesh Out Your Character Through Improvisation

What actors do on stage and screen (in terms of character) is a result of interpretation of the script by the director and the actor him/herself. Directors have a vision about the story in the play or screenplay and expect the actors to convert that vision into reality.

Ten Top Ways to Become a Better Comic Actor

Comedy is one of the most difficult forms of acting. It takes a lot of skill to act funny in front of camera or on stage. There is a thin line between being funny and being cheesy. Good actors know about this and never cross the boundary.

How to Manage Your ‘Fear’ as a Performer

There are a lot of reasons why actors become fearful. The most common is the fear of failure.

Tips on How to Become a Better Actor

No matter where you are in your career, there is always room for improvement. In acting, it's all about the characters and being able to put your own characteristics away for that character. How do you go about doing that successfully every time?

Do You Want To Be Famous? Or Do You Want To Work In Theatre?

Do you desire fame - and all the perceived glories that come with it? Or would you prefer to keep getting work and live a long life in the theatre as a professional and skilled crafts-person?

Just Starting Out? Common Mistakes Young Actors Make

Avoid the pitfalls many new performers make when they start out in the performing arts industries. Follow these simple tips on what to work on...

Dealing With Audition Rejection

One of the hardest, and most gut-wrenching, elements of being an actor is facing audition rejection. "What went wrong?" and "Why did I fail?" race through our minds. All too often we beat ourselves up over not picking up the role we worked so hard for...