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Tuirenn Hurstfield

Personal (one-to-one) Acting Coach | based near Manchester, working across the country


I work as an acting coach with professionals who want to revise their skills or break into new casting genres as well as with students who are auditioning for drama school. I offer one-on-one bespoke acting coaching, using a solid range of acting techniques and actor tools to support you in developing a role, addressing an audition piece, scene, script or any other particular acting obstacle.

The work done in our one-on-one acting coach sessions will be tailored to your needs and will usually be very specific in exploring the origins of original talent. I encourage each individual actor’s unique statement to shine through. I always place the truth and their ‘being’ state at the front of any work I do. Together we can ensure you create greater understanding of the piece whilst removing any emotional, mental or physical blocks.


  • Comprehensive and intensive one-on-one acting coaching
  • Myself as an experienced acting coach working with you and understanding your needs
  • A bespoke actor coaching plan individually tailored to achieve your objective and goals
  • An audio file of the coaching session based on your acting needs and obstacles (if required)
  • A comprehensive set of practical techniques and tools which you can take away and apply

I also work with business professionals at all stages in their career who wish to gain, or increase, their confidence in presentation or communication skills.

Whatever your level of skill or experience my one to one tuition can point you in the right direction.

Please note: working with an acting coach means you will get very specific and highly critical feedback. This is an important part of the coaching: it will make YOU better at what you do!

Actor Coaching for All Needs

Regardless of your current level of ability, I will provide you with support and rigorous development coaching on the skills you need.

I offer:

COACHING on auditions, including script breakdown; character development, including finding depth in character and script.

SCRIPT breakdown, including actioning your text, finding the subtext in film and TV sides as well as monologues.

MONOLOGUE work, including clear guidance in finding the right piece for your drama school audition from my extensive collection and carefully chosen to show you at your best.

EXAM PREPARATION work, providing you with excellent tuition in your exam pieces for all major drama exam bodies. From LAMDA to Trinity College London, I will support you in the development of your pieces.

Past Students Include:

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kickass, Avengers: Age of Ultro)
  • Shanay Holmes (RENT – West End, The Bodyguard – West End)
  • Natacha Karam (Silent Witness, Homeland)
  • Eve Parmiter (McMafia)
  • Brian Gilligan (The Commitments – West End and national tour)
  • Among others…

Don't want to work alone?

Most sessions with me are on a one-to-one basis. These are private lessons. However, if you’d like to work with an associate or friend then I’m happy to see two of you at once – at no extra cost (if there are more than two of you, this would be a class and we will negotiate the rate).

Individual acting coaching sessions are very flexible and I can usually see you during the day, in the evening or at weekends. As I also work as an actor and director my availability depends on my current schedule, so we just need to find a mutually convenient time and day.

Where Am I Based?

I provide one-on-one acting coaching sessions across Cheshire, South and Central Manchester and Staffordshire.

I am, myself, based in Macclesfield in Cheshire, but to provide individual actor training I am prepared to travel to Birmingham, London and Leeds. 

Usually, I will work with you in your own home (and travel to you is factored into my rates up to the first 25 miles from Macclesfield). If you would prefer to work elsewhere, we can discuss this at the time of booking me.

Specific Areas We Will Focus On

Character development through understanding your text and working on your voice and physicality…

Voice work for:

  • understanding your voice
  • identifying and minimising unhelpful or harmful vocal habits
  • speaking and connecting to classical and contemporary language
  • using your full range (pitch)
  • increasing resonance, using all available resonators
  • creating distinct characters using healthy, sustainable vocal techniques

Physical work for:

  • finding a neutral starting point
  • healthy use of the body in performance
  • possibilities for character physicalisation
  • combating nerves and anxiety
  • understanding the effect of anxiety and pressure on the physical body
  • good posture for voice production
  • releasing stored emotional tension
  • uncovering blocks / weaknesses
  • identifying and minimising unhelpful or harmful physical habits

Let's Discuss

Whatever you reason for wanting to use me as an acting coach, I am sure I can deliver unique and bespoke training and mentoring to set you up on your way to the performance ability you require. Get in touch. Hit the button below…

Tuirenn Hurstfield

Actor Coaching by a Trained Actor

Performer – Biography


My professional work commenced prior to graduating from Bretton Hall in 2002, working in educational theatre companies and I then began performing regularly from my graduation.

I have enjoyed a wealth of roles and character types from Shakespeare to panto, enabling me to play with the vocal and physical dexterity of character (my favourite performance joy!).

I have worked on a variety of productions including: A Midsummer Nights’ Dream – Oberon (West Yorks Schools Tour), The Importance of Being Earnest – Algernon Moncrieff (Prospect Theatre Company), Back to the 80s – Corey Senior (Pretty in Pink Productions) among many others, and also guest-star appearing in the Theatre on the Hill’s production of A Chorus Line in the role of Zack.

My work has enabled me to perform on stage, in front of camera and behind microphone…

Pricing plans

Go with your right one

Individual Actor Coaching Sessions

Single 1hr coaching sessions at a time
£55/ hour
  • One-on-One Actor Training
  • Quality guidance & mentoring
  • Working on your material
  • Working in your home
  • Longer hours can be negotiated
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Actor Coaching Sessions Package

Seven hours + of Acting Coach sessions (discounted)
£40/ hour
To qualify for this discount you must buy 7hrs of Actor Coaching time or more
  • One-on-One Actor Training over 7hrs
  • A purpose designed coaching plan
  • Quality guidance & mentoring
  • Working on your material
  • Working in your home
  • More sessions at discount can be negotiated
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Individual Skype Actor Coaching Sesssions

Acting coach sessions done online through Skype
£30/ hour
  • One-on-One Actor Training
  • Quality guidance & mentoring
  • Working on your material
  • Working in your home via Skype
  • Longer hours can be negotiated
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Tuirenn Hurstfield

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