Use of Images

Policy on Use of Images

I am determined to be supportive of all artists, including photographers, cartoonists and graphic designers.

As an individual and personal blogging site I do not use images for any personal nor financial gain, and as such I endeavour to use images that have either been purchased (including license) through sites such as StockPhotoXchange or that have been found under Creative Commons license.

As of 2017, I only use the following six sources for images on my website:

  1. Unsplash
  2. Gratisography
  3. Pexels
  4. Stocksnap
  5. Minimography
  6. Kaboompics

Sadly, in this day and age of the internet, I cannot always be sure if the person who I have found to initially represent the images I use is actually the originator of the images themselves.

There are occasions though where I might not have got it right. 

If you believe that I have posted an image that is under your copyright and you have not enabled this image to be presented under a Creative Commons license, I will – without question – remove the image immediately. If you believe that I have posted such an image, please contact me immediately by using the contact page

Where possible I will also demonstrate how I came to believe the image was licensed under CC terms, and provide you with information that may help you to resolve any outlying copyright issues pertaining to its initial misrepresentation.

In all cases where I might not have got it right, first and foremost please accept my deepest apology.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons licenses are provided at the will of the original artist to ensure proper and consensual use of their work. These licenses do not supersede the original copyright of the work – this still remains with the original artist – but rather works alongside artists to ensure Fair Use of their work is just that: fair.

At all times I endeavour to work alongside artists whose images I may have used to ensure that any interested reader may discover more about their work, and see the original work in its original setting. As such, I do encourage all of our readers to investigate the origins of the images found on this site – and support the wider arts community by showing appreciation for their images.

Readers Use of Images Used on

As I am not the original artist of most of the imagery displayed on my site, I strictly forbid anyone using the images found here for their own sites/purpose. If you intend on using any of the images shown here, please follow the links and attribution displayed on this page so you can gain a Creative Commons license yourself.