In some cases you may know what your character will be and which part you’re auditioning for but thats not always the case. Particularly in those instances, what is the right thing to wear when you go to your audition?

If you have no idea what the parts going to be, then you not only have to decide what to prepare to audition for the part, but also how you can best prepare to present yourself. You are after all, the product that you’re trying to sell.

If you’re not really sure what you need to wear, or how you should look when you go to that all important audition, a few simply tips will help you to make the most of your audition and to look your best for it. consider some key points for making the best of a situation when you’re not exactly sure what to wear for the audition

What role am I going to be portraying if this audition works out? Do I know what the character I am going to be playing does for a living? If you’re going to be playing an engineer, you don’t necessarily need to have the exact uniform, or a white suite to portray a nurse, but you can find a simple type outfit that will fill the bill. An audition for a nursing part could mean an outfit of scrubs or a simple white suit, anything that would be mindful of that part. Likewise, an audition for a business man could be handled well with a simple comfortable suit.

If you honestly have no idea what part you’re going to be portraying and what the exact audition is for, then try to find out what kind of age range the character you’re going to portray is from and then select something that is age appropriate for that character. If your character is a stay at home mom, you’re probably not going to want to dress up in a slinky dress and diamond earrings. Stay within certain boundaries.

Most important of all, stay away from certain things, no matter what information that you have about your character. If you have no info at all about the part you’re going to be playing and what that person is like, just dress simply, and be neat about yourself. Don’t wear super bold accessories or colours, which may just detract (or distract) from your performance and call attention away from what you’re going to be doing.

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