You’re New To Acting – What To Expect…

At this very moment, thousands of people, if not more, teenagers, middle aged and older, are all looking for a way to become an actor. They are sitting by the phone, or waiting for an email telling them they’ve got that all important first audition, or an interview with a friend of a friend who can help them get the inside track on their first job.

Be Pro-Active. Professional Actors Are…

The trouble with some of those phone calls and emails, is that they don’t materialise. If you want to become an actor, the thing you need to most remember is that you, and only you, not someone else, can help you get started in acting and that without your hard work and input, its probably not going to happen.

Waiting for someone else to jump-start your acting career isn’t something you should wait for. Get in motion and get the job done yourself, although getting a little help from your friends isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Actually Get Going…

Start by doing the things that only you can accomplish, such as getting your head shot done, getting your resume in order and getting your own smaller tasks done. You’ll be amazed at how much you can actually do on your own and your motivation, wanting to become an actor will push you to new levels.

Treat your new career choice like its already a job, and try to accomplish certain tasks every day that relate to that job. A few ways to do that are, to commit two hours of each day, or even just one, if thats all you have, to attempting to sort out one aspect of your new job.

Achieve Small Tasks To Kickstart Your Acting Career

Even a small allotment of your time daily, an hour or two hours will accomplish tasks, such as:

  • Head shot
  • Subscribing to a trade paper
  • Viewing a movie or show
  • Reading a book on acting
  • Talking to another prospective actor
  • Checking out drama studies and potential master-classes
  • Auditioning for a local theatre production

Set Some Goals

Set realistic goals for your acting. Realise that you’re not going to become a star in a day, and perhaps not ever, but if the craft of acting is one you love, then at least set goals that you can achieve and keep at trying to reach those goals.

Decide what you want out of becoming an actor, and what you want to realistically give to it. where do you want to be within five years, or even ten. Establish your goals and write them down. Give yourself a time line, and check off each accomplishment as you make it.

Give yourself time to accomplish each small goal and reward yourself for those accomplishments. Be flexible in your goals, knowing that you’re not always going to achieve them in your set timeline, but be consistent about trying to reach them. Don’t sit on your hands but actively work to achieve what you want from your career in acting.

Be Serious About Being An Actor

Treat your career seriously. If you really want to become an actor, and you treat that desire seriously, and don’t permit others to dissuade you, then in time, others will take your career seriously too. Don’t treat your dreams as a hobby unless you want them to be one. Remember you’re in charge of your desire to act as well as the means to get you to your goals.